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The energy-saving cable smart grid "theme"

2009, through optical innovation successfully developed China's first root with independent intellectual property rights, energy-saving wire and promote the use of central investment 'ten key energy conservation projects' investment plans are classified as the products become Electrical cable types light through nearly 3 to 5 years focusing on the development of core products.

The pass optical cable carrying the three themes of 'fiber optic cable, transmission cables, equipment cables' products debut of the Fifth International Conference on Electricity still energy innovation wires as the next period of China's smart grid transmission lines' main theme '. The morning of September 5, the country's leading cable supplier, Electrical cable supply at the show site, through optical cable, general manager Zhang accepted an exclusive interview with China Power.

China Electric Power News ": The exhibition, through light display latest products include? What is the most important feature? Zhang Zhong: The pass light around the domestic and international focus on the smart grid, made ​​cable products demonstrate a comprehensive solution, through the light of OPGW cable will showcase the power of special fiber optic cable, ADSS, OPPC,; the photoelectric composite cable OPLC and stress metastatic special high-strength steel core and high conductivity type aluminum wire products. It should be said, the latest technology and solutions is based to explore some of the advanced technology and the direction of the construction of the national smart grid vision.
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