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Vicious competition in the cable industry is constantly

    Appliance Parts Network (HC) in 2012, the high-speed development of China's national economy more than 20 years to slow down the growth rate for the first time. Premier Wen Jiabao announced in the "Government Work Report" that the growth of China's GDP Electrical power cable is expected to decelerate to 7.5%, caused by the cable industry's uneasy. Thus, the cable industry in China, held in Wuwei County, Anhui Province, the economic situation and the cable industry development forum. Generally agreed that the development situation in the cable industry is not optimistic, and should actively seek the effective way to dormant winter, and made ​​a lot of good suggestions from heavyweight entrepreneurs at the Forum published opinions.

    In fact, if we seriously review and sort out the chaos in these years the cable industry, from within the industry factors Electrical wire sizes are caused by the vicious competition between enterprises. As long as the vicious competition into benign competing can be warm and harmonious Baotuan winter in the economic situation in the ever-changing circumstances.

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